Bakersfield Finds a Way

In 2013, the PCL family of companies raised more than $7.18 million for United Way agencies in communities across North America—the largest fundraising total in PCL’s history. United Way is a group of nonprofit organizations that work with partner agencies within their localities to support areas of need in society.

PCL employees sent each other to ‘jail’ to help
raise money for United Way.

PCL employees awaiting donations to United Way
to set them free.

PCL supports United Way through employee-led campaigns and a corporate matching program. Employees across the organization have found ways to get involved by organizing and participating in special events, educating other PCL employees, and donating to the cause. Thirty PCL offices in Canada and the United States ran fundraising campaigns in 2013.
“The impact the United Way has on all the communities where PCL employees live and work is incredible,” said Shaun Yancey, PCL president and COO of PCL’s US Operations. “I am inspired year after year by how our PCL offices across the continent come together for this significant cause.”

Building on Success

PCL’s Bakersfield office won the Major Donor Award 2012-2013 and the Outstanding Campaign Company Award from United Way of Kern County for their 2013 campaign, having grown their donation total by over 130% since 2007. Executive assistant and campaign chair Shelli Garza attributes the success of the campaign to a mix of unique events and one-on-one time with committee members.
“This year we made sure that every employee, especially new employees, had face time with a member of our committee,” said Shelli. “We explained where their dollars are going and why United Way is one of PCL’s main charities of choice. They can feel good about the fact that the money they donate will be used in their local community.”

Getting Creative

To engage employees and build campaign momentum, the United Way committee organized a Monday Night Football—themed event and 50/50 draw. Half of the proceeds went to the winner and the other half to United Way. The fabrication shop also got into the fundraising spirit by converting an old tool shed into a “PCL Jail.” Employees could pay to send each other to jail, where they would have to pay to get out.
“It was great to see people get excited about the campaign,” said Shelli, “the football theme and PCL Jail were a big success.”
The efforts of the Bakersfield office earned recognition from United Way and has elevated the district to the position of second-highest donor in Kern County, with a fundraising total over $200,000 in 2013.

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