Busting a Move for Breast Health

Bust a Move (BaM)—a six-hour exercise marathon packed into an eight-hour day—is part of the Alberta Cancer Foundation's yearly fundraising program to help advance new developments in the battle against breast cancer. The inaugural event took place in Edmonton in 2012, and now the annual event is attended by up to 400 participants who squat, jump, shake, and shimmy through six different workout sessions led by some of the city’s finest fitness gurus.

PCL’s team “Chesticles” getting ready to move it
and shake it for six hours straight to raise money
for breast cancer research.

PCL’s mascot Bidwell the Beaver even
got in on the action.

It started so innocently . . .

So how did PCL get involved? “After an in-house PCL boot camp session, a group of us got to talking,” said Denis Dubord, PCL Energy’s general manager. “Someone had heard about the event and in a heartbeat our small group decided to form a team and participate. Each of us knew someone whose life had been affected by breast cancer, and we all agreed that this was a great way to give back and help support the latest developments in breast cancer research.”
PCL recognizes that while corporate giving is a critical part of bolstering our broadscale community partners, each community has specific and varying needs. PCLers have an opportunity to make their mark and work to create a lasting legacy in their community.
At the time of the team’s inception, Denis was working as the estimating manager in PCL’s industrial division, and his wife had recently survived a battle with breast cancer. Led by Denis, the team started off with only five participants, but grew to twelve in 2013, eighteen people in 2014, and now a whopping twenty-three members for the 2015 event.

The energy to lead

Each year the PCL team has demonstrated drive and passion for this event, which has led to PCL being the corporate sponsor of the high-energy boot camp session that normally kicks off the fitness marathon. In addition to PCL being a corporate sponsor, each person on the team fundraises for the event.
“For the past three years, the PCL team has been the top fundraising team for this event, and we are determined to keep this title for years to come,” said Denis.The 2013 and 2014 events raised in excess of $400,000 each year, and for 2015 we targeted to match, if not surpass, last year’s goal. When the combined fundraising hit $435,000, we were ecstatic”
“For those employees who work on our Edmonton campus, there is most likely someone in their district or department who is participating and is fundraising for this cause,” said Denis. Bust a Move has become a cultural phenomenon at PCL that raised a whopping $55,000 in 2015, and it all started with a small group of five people wanting to make a difference.

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