Championing Children’s Cancer Care

As a construction organization that specializes in building hospitals and cancer centers, if PCL could construct walls and barriers against childhood cancer, it would.

PCL employees and their families rally in support
of POGO at the 2014 Cadillac Fairview Run.

POGO is asking supporters to share their Champion
button in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness

In reality, the next best thing that PCL can do is to support the groups that work so hard to save children’s lives and make cancer a thing of the past.
That’s why PCL’s Toronto District lends its support each year to the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO). 
POGO works to ensure that all of Ontario's children have equal access to state-of-the-art diagnosis, treatment, and ancillary services. They also aim to make certain that Ontario's children have the best possible prospects for cancer survival, with an optimal quality of life, while being supported by their families and caregivers.
Since 2006, PCL Toronto has contributed more than $200,000 directly to POGO. By joining with Cadillac Fairview as a platinum sponsor of their annual run/walk in support of POGO, teams of more than 50 PCL employees and their family members have generated an additional $100,000 over the past two years.


PCL dreams of a healthy future for all children.
As part of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, POGO has reached out to its supporters to share their Champion button on websites and social media accounts in an effort to help raise awareness about childhood cancer and its impact on young patients, families, and survivors.
At just six years old, Sara Jean knows far more about the ins and outs of a hospital than any child should have to. Sara is being treated for rhabdomyosarcoma—a rare form of cancer. Click the link below to access POGO’s website to hear Sara Jean’s story. It is in support of Sara, and the 4,000 other kids currently battling cancer in Ontario, that PCL has chosen to be involved with POGO for almost a decade.

PCL’s hope is that all children affected by cancer are given the best chance to build a brighter future.


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