Getting the Best from America’s Best

Loyalty, teamwork, and determination. These are just a few of the words John Moreno, vice president and general manager of PCL’s Industrial division in Houston, uses when he describes what being a veteran means to him. Moreno was a member of the United States Army from 1987 to 1989 and attributes his success in the business world to his time spent serving our country. “My military background helped me stay focused and work hard,” said Moreno. “The training I received in the Army was life changing because I wasn’t always the most disciplined student, but the military gave me structure.”

Employees display their hardhat stickers worn in
support of military Veterans and their families.

Two PCL employees are honored with a Patriot
Award from the Minnesota Committee for Employer
Support of the Guard and Reserve for their
continued support of employees who serve in the
National Guard and Reserve.

Moreno began his construction career as an industrial pipe welder and has been with PCL for 13 years. He’s seen similarities in the way PCL and the military operate, especially in the way PCL employees carry themselves. “There’s a certain code of conduct at PCL,” said Moreno. “In the military you’re held to a high ethical standard and you’re expected to maintain a high standard of work: it’s the same at PCL.”

Adding Experience to the Workforce

PCL values the perspectives, solutions, and ideas that come from a diverse workforce. These factors allow the organization to better achieve objectives and meet the needs of clients.
“Veterans bring a skill set to the workforce that can’t be taught,” said Sheila Meyer, talent acquisition manager for PCL’s US operations. “Their leadership abilities are unparalleled, and while some of the work they’ve done for the military isn’t easily translatable to the business world, what they can contribute can’t be matched from any other field.”
PCL is committed to being a leader in the recruitment, development, and advancement of a diverse workforce that is representative of the communities in which PCL employees work. Over the last two years, PCL has been developing relationships with the US Armed Forces in order to make opportunities available to transitioning service members, including all ranks from enlisted personnel to officers. PCL has also developed a partnership with Veterans2Construction, a program developed through Auburn University that helps soldiers connect with employers in our industry.

Proud to hire

Parallels that can be made between the military and PCL include a shared set of core values - honesty, integrity, respect, passion, and the development of a dynamic culture where everyone can learn, teach, and improve themselves. It’s what binds people together, regardless of jobs or personal characteristics.
When hiring veterans, Moreno knows he is getting the best. “I’m always proud when I get to hire a veteran because in the service you learn teamwork from day one, and there’s something instilled in service members where they take a certain pride in their work.”

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