Millions of Meals

22 million meals*. That is what PCL Construction has provided to local communities for the last seven years through more than $1 million in donations through its US Food Bank Initiative. Enacted in 2009, this initiative has enabled PCL to donate approximately $140,000 annually to local food banks, meal programs, and rescue missions across the United States to end the fight against hunger.
In addition to monetary donations, PCL Orlando
volunteers their time to help out Second Harvest
Food Bank.

PCL offices across the United States donated more
than 100,000 annually to local food banks.

PCL in Phoenix presents a donation to its longtime
partner, St. Mary’s Food Bank.

According to Feeding America, one in seven Americans struggles to get enough to eat. In 2014, more than 48 million Americans lived in food-insecure households, including more than 15 million children. PCL and its employees recognize the need to proactively support the communities in which they live and work, and are constantly striving to make a positive contribution. In 2015, 14 of PCL’s operating offices each donated $10,000 to local food banks, meal programs, and rescue missions across the United States.

Fighting Hunger Nationwide

In Phoenix, approximately 1.6 million meals were provided to residents in need through a partnership with St. Mary’s Food Bank.

“PCL Construction is a great partner of St. Mary’s Food Bank and has provided hundreds of thousands of meals to Arizona’s hungry over the years,” said Beverly Damore, president and CEO of St. Mary’s. “This most recent donation will allow us to distribute enough food for another 70,000 meals just in time for the holiday season. On behalf of the children and families we serve thank you for all you do in our community.”

The greater Seattle region has benefited from PCL’s giving, which has helped hundreds of thousands of local residents.

“Thanks to PCL for joining us in the fight against hunger,” said Linda Nageotte, president and CEO of Food Lifeline. “We see the need for food continuing to increase, especially among children and seniors, our most vulnerable populations.”

“Our whole community is strengthened when companies like PCL Construction invest in our neighbors who are in need of healthy, nutritious food,” added Shelly Rotondo, CEO of Northwest Harvest. “We are so grateful for the longstanding support of PCL which has contributed to Northwest Harvest for many years. Their most recent contribution of $10,000 is equivalent to more than 45,000 meals. Since 2009, PCL and its employees have contributed more than $48,000, or more than 218,000 meals for hungry people statewide.”

In addition to monetary donations, employees from across the country volunteered their time helping to package more than 3,000 pounds of food for local families, serving countless meals to those less fortunate, and helping food banks prepare for the holidays.

A Company’s Commitment to Community

PCL builds communities through projects using steel and concrete, but the organization also builds hope. Across the United States, the PCL family of companies contributes thousands of volunteer hours and millions of dollars each year to humanitarian and community development organizations, educational programs, healthcare facilities, environmental initiatives, and support for our veterans and military members.

*According to Feeding America, $1 = 22 meals.


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