PCL Construction’s Internship Program

This summer, PCL Construction continues its proud history of employing the best and brightest students in the newly restructured PCL US College Program. 135 construction management, engineering, marketing, and communications students enrolled in universities from coast to coast have converged at PCL offices in the hopes of having a fulfilling and fun summer.

PCL interns spend a day volunteering to build a

At PCL, interns have the opportunity to work
hands-on with project teams.

Interns are welcomed to PCL with a day
of ice-breaker events such as
go-kart racing.

“Our internship program is an important part of our future,” said Stacey Bledsoe, director of human resources services for PCL Construction. “What I like most about our program is that it’s a great opportunity for students to get a better understanding of the job options available at PCL, in such areas as project management; estimating; building systems; quality assurance; human resources; and health, safety, and environment.  Our intent is to hire these enthusiastic, up-and-coming professionals when they graduate. Our internship program is really an ideal initial interview. It’s a two-way street, we get to learn more about them and they get to learn more about PCL.”

Learning with a Purpose

Being a PCL intern means gaining hands-on, workplace experience that’s invaluable to students. There’s also a mentorship aspect to PCL’s intern program that enables students to grow, learn about different fields within the construction industry, and ultimately add practical skills to their growing résumés.
“What you learn in school can only get you so far,” said Daisy Herrera, a second-time PCL intern with the Los Angeles district, majoring in construction management at Arizona State University. “Having people that truly want to help has created the best learning environment. I had other offers but something about PCL stood out to me. There’s a nice, family feel here, you would never expect PCL to be as big as it is, and I really like the people I work with.”
At PCL, it’s important that interns have meaningful internships and are assigned to projects they can be proud of for years to come.
“I honestly didn’t know what I’d be doing,” said Justin Rayl, a senior majoring in civil engineering at University of Florida. “My goal is to learn as much as I possibly can, and getting the ability to shadow project engineers and have them explain every aspect of the job to me is invaluable. I have a new understanding of not only the opportunities available to me when I graduate, but also how PCL works as one unit.“

Recognizing a Job Well Done

One new element of PCL’s US College Program is the addition of a recognition program. One intern from each office will be selected as a Top Student of the Year based on the end-of-term presentation, résumé, written report, and overall evaluation. These winners will then have the opportunity to be selected as the overall US Student of the Year chosen by Shaun Yancey, PCL’s president and COO, US Operations.
PCL’s US College Program has spring, fall, and summer sessions available in industrial, buildings, and civil industries. Locations span from the island of Hawaii to Seattle, Denver, Tampa, and Minneapolis just to name a few.

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