PCL Helps Professors Sharpen Their Tools

PCL’s Seattle office​​ recently hosted university professors for a day of interactive, hands-on learning. The event offered educators a real-life, jobsite learning opportunity that would enhance their curricula, and help them gain insight into the current climate of the Seattle construction market.
Professors get a hands-on day of learning from
PCL’s industry professionals.

PCL hosted a jobsite tour for the
professors at the Arrivé high-rise

Knowledge Learned is Knowledge Gained

During Seattle’s “Faculty Day,” PCL’s subject matter experts, including a construction modeling manager, construction manager, and the national Lean manager, discussed topics that included jobsite technology, construction modeling, Lean construction practices, and high-rise structural systems. Additionally, a jobsite tour was held for the professors at the Arrivé high-rise residences, currently under construction in Seattle’s downtown Belltown neighborhood. Professors had the opportunity to speak with the project staff about industry trends and learn more about how to keep up with the pace and use of technology in construction.  

“PCL provided the faculty a day filled with knowledge and information,” said P. Warren Plugge, PhD, an associate professor from Central Washington University. “Most importantly, information acquired from this day can be used within my courses to excite students, not just about PCL, but about the construction industry as a whole – from a field, office, and management perspective.”

Plugge was one of nearly a dozen educators who took part in the “Faculty Day,” including professors from various Washington, Colorado, and California universities. This was the first time PCL held this type of event for educators. It was created out of a need to deepen relationships with key faculty at the top schools and provide real-world examples that can be taken back to the classroom. As a company committed to education, PCL intends to continue hosting “Faculty Days” for the educational institutions that build our future leaders.

Preparing the Industry’s Future

PCL places a high value on giving back to the community as well as on continued education. It does this in various ways, from hiring industry experts to offering education opportunities to employees, to creating a robust nationwide college program that offers internships to students in construction management, engineering, marketing, accounting, and communications.

“We’re so pleased to have a chance to really contribute something to the professors, and to the universities, that will help them better prepare our industry’s future workforce,” said Felicia Bawdon, human resources manager for PCL’s Seattle office. “By keeping our educators in the know about industry trends and jobsite technologies, we can help feed the industry pipeline with graduates who are better prepared for jobs in construction.”


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