PCL’s Journey Towards a Sustainable Future

PCL’s commitment to sustainability is rooted in a long-standing belief in the importance of both social responsibility and environmental stewardship. Subscribing to a holistic approach to sustainability, PCL strives to maximize economic and social benefit on construction project jobsites, in operations offices, and throughout communities while doing so with minimal impact on the environment.

In order to measure, evaluate, and increase PCL’s sustainable efforts, the organization created a 5P model of sustainability​. This model defines and focuses sustainability efforts for

  • Partners—Collaborating as client-focused solution providers to deliver exceptional results to all stakeholders, all of the time.
  • People—Engaging employees by providing education, resources, and support.
  • Projects—Involvement in all phases of a project’s life before, during, and after its construction.
  • Practices—Improving operations through measurement, communication, and integration of sustainable business practices.
  • Places—Contributing to, collaborating with, and improving the places where PCL works.

This video describes PCLs sustainability model and the 5Ps.


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