Rival PCL Districts BaM it out for Breast Health

PCL aims to build stronger communities. Recently, PCL employees participated in the Alberta Cancer Foundation’s Bust a Move for Breast Health event: a six-hour fitness extravaganza to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research in Alberta.
A friendly rivalry exists between Calgary and Edmonton. When PCL’s Edmonton operations office, and last year’s top Bust a Move fundraiser, challenged PCL’s Calgary office to get involved, there was no question the challenge would be met.


​PCL Edmonton’s Bust a Move team, the Chesticles.​

PCL’s Rob Otway takes one (of several) pies in the
the face for charity.

With only three weeks’ notice, the Calgary Bust a Move team, PCL Cupstruction, needed to raise funds quickly. Rob Otway, vice president and district manager for PCL’s Calgary operations, agreed to take a pie in the face for each fundraising milestone reached. To date, the Calgary team passed four milestones, raising over $37,000, equating to four pies for Otway.The PCL Cupstruction team was overwhelmed by the support and generosity of donors, many of whose lives have been personally touched by cancer.

“I lost my sister to cancer when she was 45,” said Pam Olive, HRPD manager and PCL Cupstruction team member. “She was fit, healthy, and had no genetic disposition. That was fifteen years ago, and now that I’m turning 45 it hit me—wow, she was young.”
Olive was interested in participating because it wasn’t just another fundraising effort.
“It was a challenge, a way to show my commitment to fitness, and an opportunity to build relationships with other women in our district,” she said. “If raising funds by working out for six hours on a Saturday can help towards providing education for prevention, state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, advanced treatments, or comfort to others as they battle, it was worth it.”


It was a combination of personal connection to the cause and a love for fitness that moved PCL Edmonton’s Bust a Move team, the Chesticles, to participate in the event for the second year in a row. The motivated ten-member team did not take this year’s Edmonton-Calgary rivalry lightly and, once again, came out as Edmonton’s top fundraiser by raising more than $40,000.  
“Many of us on the team know someone that has been affected by cancer and we have banded together to do something about it,” said Denis Dubord, manager of estimating services and PCL Chesticles team member. “We took on the challenge in 2012 and participated in the inaugural Edmonton event and before it was over we all signed up again for this year.”
The Edmonton team is grateful for all the support it received from fellow PCL employees, support that funds groundbreaking research in the fight against breast cancer.
Rivalries aside, the Edmonton team are incredibly proud of their colleagues in the Calgary office for stepping up to the challenge and participating. 
“Having our PCL Calgary family on board this year and seeing how well they did in BaM’s (Bust a Move) inaugural year in Calgary leads us to believe that there is another “Battle of Alberta” brewing here at PCL, which should make for an exciting 2014 event,” said Dubord.


Brooke Rose, chief Bust a Mover with the Alberta Cancer Foundation is delighted with PCL’s involvement in the fundraising efforts.

“PCL has become an integral part of Bust a Move and we are so grateful for all of the support we have seen through all levels of the organization,” said Rose. “Whether challenging their other divisions or business partners to be involved, having their company mascot make an appearance for promotional opportunities, or lunging and laughing through the six-hour fitness event, we truly can’t thank them enough for all that they have helped us accomplish.”


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