Setting the Pace

In 2012, the PCL family of companies raised more than $7.1 million for United Way agencies in communities across North America—the largest fundraising total in PCL’s history. United Way is a group of volunteer-led, nonprofit organizations that work with partner agencies within their localities to support areas of need in society.

A launch event at one of PCL’s many local United Way campaigns.A launch event at one of PCL’s many local United
Way campaigns.

Members of the PCL San Diego district office are recognized for their successful United Way campaign.Members of the PCL San Diego district
office are recognized for their successful
United Way campaign.
Since 1969, PCL’s operating districts have participated in annual campaigns to raise money for local United Way agencies. The campaigns are led by employees, which gives them the opportunity to donate and participate in special events that they organize in support of the cause.
“Working with the United Way helps us build caring and giving communities that we all feel very proud to live and work in,” said Paul Douglas, PCL president and CEO. “It’s amazing to see how committed our teams are to leading and participating in their districts’ campaigns.”


A shining example of the spirit of giving that these campaigns ignite in employees is from PCL’s San Diego district, which grew their 2012 fundraising total by over 40% from 2011.
Due to the success of that district’s previous campaigns, the local San Diego United Way agency asked them to start a “pacesetter” campaign in 2012. Pacesetter organizations start fundraising early to help build momentum for other United Way campaigns in the region.
“It’s an honor to be asked to start a pacesetter campaign” said Jannine Tejeda, a PCL HRPD manager and United Way lead coordinator for the San Diego district. “Companies like Macy’s and Target are asked to participate, and we’re an office of only 62 employees.”


The San Diego district relied on the creativity of their United Way committee to provide fresh fundraising ideas.
“Our PCL United Way committee is made up of a mix of senior leadership, new employees, and everyone in-between,” said Tejeda. “Support for the United Way in our district is both top-down and bottom-up.”

To encourage employee participation, PCL’s San Diego district organized fun events like a Halloween carnival and beer tasting. At the events, employees shared personal stories of why they donate to the campaign every year and how their donations impact the community.



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