Skills Canada National Competition

SCNC 2017 is a chance for Canadian youth to showcase what they can do in their chosen trades. Over 500 competitors will descend on Winnipeg this week to take part in more than 40 skilled trade and technology events to determine the best of the best! The Skills Canada National Competition provides a backdrop for participants to gain hands-on work experience of value to potential employers, while showcasing technology and trades as future careers for young people. Over 12,000 high-school students are scheduled to attend the competition.

Strong public and private-sector partners enable their work to​​wards securing Canada’s future skilled labor needs while helping our youth to discover rewarding careers. 

PCL Construction is proud to be an official sponsor once again of the SCNC. Currently in the middle of a five-year sponsorship, PCL experts will once again play a major role in the annual event, not only donating time and resources, but taking on the most important task of ensuring safety. It’s a top value in how everyone involved conducts themselves, and it always comes first.


Sean Scott is a sr. district HSE manager for PCL, and for the fourteenth straight year is volunteering his time with the National Safety Committee for SCNC. As a champion for safety, Sean often quotes Albert Schweitzer when discussing a primary role of safety advocates: “Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.” Sean believes the sooner someone understands and appreciates why safety on the job or at home and at play is important, the better off they and industry will be. “At PCL, we don’t just talk about safety … we actually are doing something about it; we actually ‘walk the talk.’” Sean provides a personal example to ensure he and those he interacts with go home safe each day; obviously for the individual, your family, your fellow workers, and for others in the industry that could be impacted as well.

PCL fully supports Sean’s involvement with the National Safety Committee, as safety is a cornerstone value of our PCL family and having Sean fully involved goes hand in hand with our spirit of giving back to our community and industry.


Gail Vent, director of Business Development for Skills Canada, said, “As an official sponsor of the Skills Canada National Competition, PCL demonstrates their dedication to the importance of skilled trades workers by engaging youth in discussion and activities that highlight the fantastic opportunities available in skilled trades occupations. In addition to the monetary support PCL provides, they have numerous staff that have volunteered their time in various committee roles to help promote skilled trades and safety in the work place. This contribution allows SCC to better highlight the importance of safe work practices.”

PCL also realizes the importance of investing in youth who have both education and interest in the trades, and continues to support them wherever possible. One example is PCL’s sponsorship of the University of Alberta’s David & Joan Lynch School of Engineering Safety & Risk Management program, where PCL experts provide first-hand experience as guest speakers to future engineers.

PCL’s commitment to education doesn’t end with postsecondary schooling. Our in-house College of Construction provides continuous learning courses and professional development. Everything from excellence in construction to leadership improvement is available to PCL employees.     

SCNC Students have all competed at local, regional, and provincial/territorial events in order to represent their province/territory. SCNC 2017 takes place at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg, MB, from Wednesday, May 31, through Saturday, June 3. Good luck to all from PCL Construction!


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