Community Events

The dedication of PCL employees, supported by the commitment of the organization to build stronger communities through charitable giving, is the true heart and soul of PCL.



PCL’s unified commitment to giving allows its communities to fully benefit from PCL’s support. PCL is committed to creating strong, sustainable communities through organizations such as the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. This support is a natural extension of PCL’s values.

  • In November 2011, employees in Los Angeles showed their support by presenting a $5000 donation to the Foothills Unity Center. Founded in 1980, the Center is a federally designated Community Action Agency and is a major source of food, health services, and crisis assistance.

  • In December 2011, PCL employees from the Operations Support department gathered for their annual Christmas get-together and spent the afternoon helping out at the Edmonton Food Bank. “I think everyone found it a nice change of pace to participate in an outing like this,” said Jeff Duffield, manager, Operations Support. At the end of the day’s shift, all decided that this will become an annual event for the group.

  • In December 2011, Saskatchewan employees participated in the “12 Days of Construction for Christmas” for Regina’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity International. Dana Callfas, assistant accounting manager, was one of the PCL employees who came to volunteer. “It was fun to help build a home. I have never cut or tied rebar before, but with a little guidance, I got the hang of it!” PCL also donated $3,000 to this worthwhile cause.

  • San Diego employees hosted their second Halloween Carnival in support of their United Way Week campaign. The district’s Wellness Committee put together six teams of 10 employees who were tasked with creating booths with games and prizes. Scott Bishop, manager, Health, Safety, and Environment, noted that “the carnival is not only a great way to raise money, but also a lot of fun for the family.” The event raised $540 towards the campaign.

  • In November 2011, employees in Hawaii helped out with the Kamehameha School’s annual Thanksgiving turkey imu for the second year. The annual fundraiser allows the public to have their turkeys cooked in a traditional Hawaiian underground oven, called an imu. Nordic PCL is currently working on a number of buildings on the school campus, including a new athletic complex, middle school, and cultural center.

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