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PCL Industrial Constructors Inc. is a diversified general industrial construction company in Nisku, Alberta, that provides construction services to the oil and gas, refining, petrochemical, mining, power and cogeneration, and pulp and paper industries. The combined capacity of its three module assembly facilities, each located along Alberta’s high-load corridor, is among the highest available in Canada. PCL also operates one of Canada’s largest and most technologically-advanced pipe fabrication facilities.

Pipe Fabrication

PCL owns and operates a 145,000 ft2 pipe spool fabrication facility located on 13.3 acres in Nisku, Alberta. This facility is one of the largest and most modern of its kind in North America, and has the experience and capability to fabricate piping spools up to 78” in diameter and in lengths more than 120’ long. The facility utilizes state of the art pipe cutting and welding equipment. With experience in fabrication of all material types and wall thicknesses, the annual production capacity is approximately 1,250,000 diameter inches or 11,000 tons of carbon steel and 1,700 tons of stainless steel pipe. State of the art equipment, highly skilled trades people and an experienced, professional customer focused management team ensure customer requirements for the most demanding projects are satisfied.

Module Construction

We have been in the module assembly business since the 1970’s and we are a recognized leader in the industry for our expertise in this field. We have constructed more than 3,000 modules for a wide variety of owners over the past 50 years, primarily in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries. PCL’s three module assembly yards total 115 acres, are located on the high-load corridor and have the combined capacity of 180 modules built concurrently. In 2015, PCL was awarded its largest module assembly contract to date for the assembly of 363 modules.

Quick Facts

Location: Nisku, Alberta, with easy access to high-load transportation corridor and the Edmonton International Airport
Fabrication Capability: 145,000 ft2 facility; 78+ diameter inches; 120’ length spools
Annual Fabrication Capacity: 1,250,000 diameter inches; 11,000 tons of carbon steel; 1,700 tons of stainless steel pipe
Number of Modules Constructed: 3,000+
Module Assembly Yards: Three across 115 acres
Combined Capacity of Module Yards: 180 concurrent modules
Largest Module Contract Executed to Date: 363 modules in 2016

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PCL Industrial Constructors Inc.

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