Building Communities

“Maybe you’re right, but maybe it will be different. It’s okay to be different; your family will always be a part of who you are no matter what.”

“You see, Michael, think of this lesson like a building. In many ways buildings have changed. In many ways buildings have remained the same. Sometimes a vision changes and that’s okay, but, it is important to appreciate the past as we create the future, because the past is a part of what makes the future.”

“So Grandpa, I don’t have to do exactly what Daddy did to be like Daddy? Construction is teaching me a lot!”

“Yes, that is exactly right. That is why construction is so much fun for myself and many others. Another important lesson comes from giving back to the community by doing more than just construction. The community has given us so much, our giving back to the community in more ways than one helps to create a healthy future.”

“How did you contribute to the community, Grandpa?”

“I found a company that had the same values as I did. That is why I worked with PCL for many decades. We did many things to contribute to the community; I have some really good stories I can tell you about if you would like.”

The boy smiled, “I would love that!”

“I remember it like it was yesterday. My friends and I at work used to challenge each other to see who could raise the most money towards projects in the community. The best part was that PCL would match what my coworkers and I raised dollar for dollar.”

The grandfather continues with pride.

“I could tell you many stories about all of the smiles. Some of my most valuable memories come from my time spent with PCL. Raising money for projects in the community was important to each and every one of us. We would sponsor safe places to play for children, and even gazebos for the seniors at the seniors’ homes, kind of like where Great-grandma and Great-grandpa are now.”

“Grandpa, I think Mom and Dad would really like these stories too.”

“You’re right, in fact since they are joining us for Canada’s 150th anniversary celebration at Parliament hill, your Dad can tell you even more stories of PCL’s history. Ask him to tell you about the fin from the Canadian War Museum​ that points directly towards the Peace Tower at Centre Block right on Parliament Hill. He may even have more stories than I do. He has learned a lot from his 20 years spent with PCL too.”

 The End