Building Partnerships

“So you build the community to help build Canada?” 

“Certainly Michael, but building the community isn’t done alone. PCL is a part of many partnerships that make up the teams that dedicate themselves to building Canada and its communities. Walk with me.

The grandfather and his grandson park the car and begin to walk the path along the canal. The boy stops abruptly; his eyes widen.

“What is this building?”, he asks. Compared to the large beige pillars, the boy feels small.  

“This building is the Government Conference Centre; it was built over 100 years ago and was once a train station. I will tell you a secret: your great-grandmother met your great-grandfather in this very station. In the early years there was an underground tunnel in the building that led to a ballroom across the street; people would come together to dance and socialize. The 100-year-old heritage building is being restored and renovated now to house the Senate so the work on Center Block can begin.”

“There is so much history here, Grandpa.”

“There certainly is. The history here makes Canada what it is today. Speaking of history, did you know the Ottawa Senators are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year? PCL built their NHL home here in Ottawa. We can go to a game at the Canadian Tire Centre together.”

The boy’s face lights up.

“Why don’t we head to the Rideau Centre to get some gear for the game? PCL recently expanded the center, so you can be sure there will be plenty of stores to choose from."

The pair continue to walk the streets of the downtown core; they pass students walking to the University of Ottawa​, families walking their dogs, professionals walking to work, and other tourists enjoying the sites Ottawa has to offer.

“Maybe one day you will go to school in this city just like your father did.”

“And I can be just like Dad! Where did he go to school?”

“Your Dad went to school at la Cité collégial​e​​, and then he did his MBA at the University of Ottawa. PCL has in fact helped to build part of both; we contributed to education and research both through building and by donating to scholarships and programs at these institutions.”

“Maybe I’ll sit in the same seats Dad sat in and have the same teachers, and I’ll be just like him!”

The grandfather chuckles. “Maybe you’re right, but maybe it will be different. It’s okay to be different; your family will always be a part of who you are no matter what.”

To be continued…