Bakersfield – Industrial Construction Services

PCL has been involved in all aspects of industrial field construction projects in North America for more than 40 years. From power and renewable energy, upstream oil and gas recovery to midstream gas processing, and downstream to refining and derivatives, we are a leader in successful project delivery.

We provide a full range of solutions for our clients, from preconstruction, estimating, and scheduling, to the final closeout of a project. Our self-performing expertise makes for more efficient project management and delivery of work on time and within budget.

PCL’s project teams bring the skills required for every critical stage of your project, from site work, foundations, and structural steel to equipment and piping systems installation. We can manage all aspects of the project—bringing you the benefits of improved schedule control and quick turnaround, which provide cost savings and higher-quality workmanship.

Power Generation

PCL has been involved in the North American power generation market for more than thirty years. Through our experience, we have become innovative and proactive solution providers in the gas, air quality control, solid fossil fuel, and renewable energy markets. We offer flexible project delivery methods that can be customized to meet our clients’ specific needs.

Regardless of size or delivery method, PCL provides unsurpassed value through our commitment and ability to self-perform all major disciplines in the work we undertake. This client-focused approach provides the opportunity for schedule enhancements, budget improvements, superior quality, and increased safety, allowing us to offer a controlled environment and set the tone and pace for each project.

Renewable Energy

With our proven record of accomplishment and long history as a successful heavy industrial contractor, renewable energy, including geothermal, solar, and biomass, was a natural addition to our broad list of services. Our vast experience in the energy sector has helped us learn innovative ways to improve performance and provide cost savings for our clients, through excellent project management, innovative safety programs, and enhanced scheduling techniques.

Oil and Gas

PCL provides a complete spectrum of construction services to oil and gas production facilities for gathering, treating, separating, and processing hydrocarbons. This includes pipelines for liquid and gas transmission of those hydrocarbons to terminal or downstream refineries and facilities for further processing. We stand ready to assist with site development, foundation preparation, structural steel erection, concrete installation, and the heavy rigging and crane services required to place critical process equipment and associated process piping

Refining and Petrochemical

Refining and petrochemical projects present some of the most challenging and hazardous working environments that a construction firm encounters. PCL has gained a strong foothold in the downstream and derivatives market owing primarily to our ability to respond to our clients’ needs for transparency and accuracy.

We have the necessary expertise, experience, tools, and equipment required to self-perform all the main disciplines of work. Our industry-leading quality and project-controls proprietary systems allow us to construct the industry’s most complex projects.