A Journeyperson’s Journey

Construction is in Jamie Lesperance’s blood. His father Roger was a long-time PCL employee, and Jamie was eager to follow in his footsteps. At a young age he began tinkering with various projects. One moment in particular stands out in Jamie’s memory.

Jamie Lesperance developed a passion for the
construction industry at a young age, and has now
been with PCL for sixteen years.

PCL employees at the 2014 Skills Canada
Competition in Toronto.

“I remember a six-foot-tall dollhouse that my dad built for my sister,” said Jamie. “I was intrigued by it and would always pretend that I was making repairs to it.”

Learning the Tricks of the Trade

This fascination sparked what promises to be a lifelong career in the industry. But for someone who is now a construction professional with a lengthy list of credentials, Jamie initially had little interest in pursuing a formal education.
“I worked for small construction firms throughout high school,” Jamie reflected. “I just wanted to be out in the field getting my hands dirty.”
Jamie’s outlook on education changed when he entered PCL’s apprenticeship program. He rapidly completed the hours needed to earn his Journeyperson Red Seal certification, and within ten years at PCL, had ascended the ranks from an entry-level journeyperson to full-time superintendent.

A Skilled Approach

For each position that Jamie held, there was always a supervisory component, and this appealed to him.
“There was always a goal for me to work towards,” said Jamie. “I wanted to eventually become a superintendent and to be the person in charge. There’s so much room to grow at PCL—it never ends.”
He reached his goal, and in the fall of 2014 became a Gold Seal certified superintendent, but Jamie still regards each day on the jobsite as an opportunity for growth.
 “You’re always learning from people who come from all over the world,” said Jamie. “Whatever the experience, there’s always a lesson to take away.”
Jamie developed a passion for the industry at an early age. To encourage other young people who are interested in pursuing a career in construction, PCL partners with Skills Canada, an organization dedicated to promoting skilled trades and technologies among Canadian youth.

In 2014 PCL entered a five-year sponsorship commitment with the Skills Canada National Competition that will see PCL contribute $15,000 in annual support to the event—the only national multi-trade and technology competition for students and apprentices in Canada.


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