Celebrating Nature's Engineer

April 7 is International Beaver Day and a pretty special day for PCL’s own Bidwell. Who is Bidwell? Bidwell is a beaver, PCL’s mascot, and a staple around PCL.

Often seen at PCL-sponsored events and on our social media channels, Bidwell arose out of an employee contest to create a mascot that represents the hard work and dedication that PCL puts into everything it builds. Bidwell was chosen not only because the beaver is often referred to as “nature’s engineer” but also because Bidwell pays homage to PCL’s Canadian roots (the beaver is Canada’s national animal) and can also be found across North America—just like PCL.

But besides being a bit of a “local celebrity” across the company, what does Bidwell do at PCL? Well, here’s what some co-workers had to say about Bidwell. 

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