Elevating PCL’s Projects

Cliff Ayling, director of elevating devices, takes PCL’s projects to the next level – literally. With over 40 years of experience in vertical transportation (VT), Cliff has worked all over the world and has a passion for all aspects of vertical transportation: elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and more.

At PCL, Cliff assesses equipment designs for new projects, checks elevator trade proposals for pricing and proper scope, addresses bidder qualifications and exclusions, reviews ongoing site installations, inspects finished installations where warranty issues are reported, and generally works with project teams to identify gaps in VT design. He is also an active member of the elevating devices community and works on enhancing and updating elevator safety code.

Having an in-house VT expert saves money for PCL’s clients and ensures the safest, most efficient systems possible. “If there’s a science to elevators, I’ve always said it’s ‘maximizing the minimum.’ You should always design a system to have the optimal number, speed, and capacity of elevators that you can to best service the building,” Cliff says. “Especially since this equipment can take up a huge portion of the project budget.”

“At the end of the day, as knowledgeable construction experts, PCL brings practicality to clients’ VT designs and maximizes financial efficiencies of the devices,” says Cliff. “That, to me, is value that we bring to our clients and the true definition of ‘construction experts.’”​​​​​