Impacting the Landscape at PCL

​Construction is in Jayne Aspell’s blood. Growing up in a 300-year-old farmhouse, Jayne fondly remembers the 12 years her family spent renovating their home. Her father was an offshore oil engineer who worked away from home in three-month rotations. 


Between rotations he would be at home managing and performing the work with tradesmen and would have Jayne and her sister help out once they were home from school. Jayne’s mother, a schoolteacher, would put her math skills to the test when ordering materials, and as well help to track the budget. 

Jayne vividly remembers the accomplishment she felt at seven years old holding the end of a tape measure while helping her father put down the foundation for their garage.

“The most rewarding part is you can physically see your work—the fruits of your labor,” she says. “In construction we create things that change cities and change lives. What we build can make a big difference.” 

Jayne started her PCL career at the Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre​ in Hamilton, Ontario, and immediately felt the same team focus in an employee-owned company as she did working with her own family. Jayne also relishes the fact that construction gives her the opportunity to pass along her knowledge and experience just as her father did for her. 

“Construction projects present new challenges every day that we have to overcome. It’s great to see someone take on the responsibility of something I’ve taught them,” explains Jayne. ““I love teaching people and helping them grow.”​

​​​​​​  ​