Life Begins at 60

Jake Miller is administrative courier for PCL’s Denver office. His responsibilities include everything from delivering payroll to making bank deposits.
Many of the people Jake works with say he is one of the most detail-oriented and dependable employees they know. It might seem he has been doing this job all his life, but even though he’s been with PCL a quarter century, it is by no means his first career.
Twenty-five years ago, when Miller’s former employer asked him to relocate away from the mainland United States, Miller chose instead to retire from his position managing an acetylene plant.
Puerto Rico’s loss was PCL Denver’s gain. “After my interview with PCL,” he said, “I had a twenty-minute drive to get home. When I arrived at the house, PCL had already called and wanted to offer me the position.”
Upon starting, Miller was tasked by the purchasing manager with setting up a file structure and a process for ordering and stocking supplies, a system that is still in place.


Miller’s retirement project with PCL has stretched into a 25-year commitment and has led him, he says, to “the best people I’ve ever worked with . . . I truly believe my coworkers are an extension of my family.”
Now in his eighties, Miller has no immediate plans to retire. Until he does, he will continue to work and devote time to his favorite off-hour activities, such as counseling and mentoring the teenagers who attend his church.
"Although his days are often hectic, Jake will still find time to say hello, making new friends while keeping the old,” said a coworker. A company man through and through, Miller puts in the extra effort to ensure everything is organized and done, says another: “Whatever you need or want, he makes it happen. He can work with all kinds of temperaments, and is quite a negotiator. Jake is a kind-hearted, sincere man.”
Does he have any words of advice for up-and-coming generations? “If you love what you do,” Miller said, “you will never work a day in your life.”