The Luck of the Irish

John Cahill comes from a small town called Naas in the County of Kildare near Dublin. He was working for a company specializing in overseas recruitment when he learned that PCL, the number-one contractor in Canada, was coming over to recruit. He was very excited, as this was during a recession, a time when people needed work optionsonly he hadn’t counted on recruiting himself. In August 2012, Cahill accepted a position as a field engineer in PCL’s Ottawa District.
John Cahill, a PCL field engineer,
relocated from Ireland to Canada.
“My passion is construction,” said Cahill. “I studied architectural design technology and have a master’s degree in construction project management, so I had to work for PCL. Canada is known at home as one of the popular destinations.”
When asked what his biggest worry was about coming to Canada by himself, Cahill says it was leaving friends, family, and home behind. “I have no regrets. PCL was very accommodating and made the transition incredibly easy. It was like meeting the right person, but instead it was a company!”


Cahill applauds PCL’s recruitment and relocation programs, which created a sense of family for him and his Irish colleagues, some of whom are now located in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.
“It has given us the opportunity to restart our lives, doing work that we can’t get back home,” said Cahill. “Canada is known in Dublin to be a very family-oriented place on a global scale. The lifestyle here is better than most of us are used to currently at home, and it gives us pride and satisfaction to be able to provide for our families.”


In the six months that Cahill has been in Ottawa, he has been lucky enough to work on two major construction projects. He finds the diversity not only interesting, but educational. Cahill’s first day at work left him amazed at the easy transition.
“Everyone was so helpful, proud of their work, and passionate. I have never had that work experience before. Everyone cares so much about the project. They work together to tackle a challenge, each from a different angle. This is quite the family.”

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