Keeping Our Jobsites Safe

“Construction makes my heart go pitter patter,” says Tricia Gibney, who lives for the rattle and hum of a construction site. “I love that I get to see the inner workings, the ups and downs, and the guts of everything we build.”

The Health, Safety, and Environment supervisor says she was drawn to PCL because of its well-established safety program. “When it comes to safety, it doesn’t get much better then PCL.”

And while Tricia describes safety professionals as a passionate group of people who belong to an incredibly supportive community, she laughs about the quirky perspective her background brings to life outside of work.

“When there’s a safety person in the family, Christmas gifts get interesting,” explains Tricia. “One year I bought my father-in-law a respirator. I’m sure he loved that.”

Back on the jobsite, her passion for safety shines through while working alongside tradespeople, whom she encourages to speak to her about anything safety-related. “Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference, such as helping workers properly use safety equipment. I’ve had them come back months later to say, ‘thank you’. That’s the biggest thing about this job for me; everything I do helps send our teams home safe.”

Did you Know? Tricia won the 2018 Safety Professional of the Year award from the Saskatchewan Safety Council. This award is presented to an individual who makes significant contributions to the safety industry and injury prevention in the province of Saskatchewan. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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