Living his Dream

André Tousignant started with PCL as a field engineer fresh out of school, but never imagined he’d one day be building theme-park attraction and rollercoasters. 

“I’ve found my dream job,” says André. “This is what I’ve always wanted to do.”

André says he was a thrill-seeking kid with a fascination for themed entertainment. “My love for figuring out how things work and putting things together is what drew me to engineering. Themed attractions are complex feats of art and engineering and I always wanted to merge my passions and build projects that exist purely for entertainment.” 

André now spends his days as a virtual construction manager, integrating all the parts and pieces of theme-park rides virtually, and figuring out how they will all fit together before PCL builds them. Working with technology that’s shaping and changing the construction industry, André and his team build cohesively-themed experiences that don’t just look good, but are built with safety and code compliance top-of-mind. 

“Most guests will never know how much work and thought goes into creating these attractions. It takes a big team to integrate everything together – ride controls, mechanical, show sets, animatronics – there’s a lot that goes into it,” adds André. “Time is a big factor, too. When a billboard goes up with an opening date on it, we can’t miss that deadline.”

He says the rush of opening day is the most rewarding part. “Seeing guests having fun and getting to take my kids on rides that I’ve helped build—that’s pretty amazing.”​ 

​​​​  ​