An Irishman Abroad

For Michael King, the choice was clear—he was Australia bound. So how did he end up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada?
“My family had decided we were going to move from Ireland, and Australia was where we wanted to end up,” said King. “By chance, I was contacted by PCL, and that’s when we began to consider moving to Canada.”
King wasn’t familiar with Edmonton, so PCL invited him and his family to come to the city in February of 2009, at a time of year when subzero temperatures are commonplace. But “it’s not like it snows here all day, every day,” King said. “It’s a part of life in the winter months, but it doesn’t stop construction or anything else that happens on any other day of the year.”
After spending a week touring the city, his family confirmed their decision to move.


King’s first impression came from the people in Edmonton. “There are people here from every part of the world,” comments King. “You don’t feel like an outsider because the city is made up of such a diverse population.”
And leading an active lifestyle hasn’t been a challenge for his family. His three boys are involved in sports—mainly soccer—but have adopted sports for every season.
King has made a few trips back to Ireland since moving to Canada, but it wasn’t long before he began calling Edmonton home. “This has been an opportunity for the whole family,” King said. “Rather than choosing to work away from my family, we are able to share this experience together.”
So how do King’s three boys feel about the transition? “The girls sure like their cute Irish accents,“ he said, “and they’re getting along just fine.”