Of Travel I’ve Had My Share, Man

Construction manager Scott Updegrave began his career with PCL back in 1986 in Denver, Colorado. Looking back, it’s clear that Updegraves’s enthusiasm for taking on new challenges has proven to be a rewarding experience—and not just in terms of his professional growth.
Scott Updegrave, a PCL construction
manager, taking advantage of one the
many locations where he’s had the
opportunity to live as a PCL employee.
In his 25-year career with PCL, Updegrave has seen rocky peaks, sandy beaches, snowy plains, and everything in between. In his first role with the organization, Updegrave took on concrete paving operations, working on several significant projects, including the old Stapleton International Airport in Denver. After that, there was no shortage of opportunities for Updegrave in the PCL family of companies. He took on new challenges in Phoenix, Arizona, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, before moving north to Calgary, Alberta, where he’s worked most recently on the 7th Avenue LRT Refurbishment Project.


Following the work is nothing new for guys like Updegrave; they’ll tell you that moving is part of the fun of being in the construction business. To make the most of the transitions, Updegrave has welcomed the differences that each new location brings. “Arizona has terrific Mexican food,” Updegrave said. “When I moved to Alberta, I couldn’t help but enjoy the beef.”
Some of his other relocation experiences were a day at the beach—literally. “My family has become experts on beaches,” said Updegrave. “Riding waves, piloting sail boats…we have such fond memories of Daytona Beach’s coquina sand.” In spite of a frozen nose, he counts frigid Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, among his most pleasant surprises. “Everything freezes at -48 C,” recalled Updegrave. Still, Updegrave found himself warmed by Saskatoon’s charm.


Employees like Updegrave are supported by the organization when they move to a new city. PCL has dedicated relocation staff who help them manage the details of their moves and integration into their new communities. For those who have a lust for adventure and a desire to see the world, PCL makes the journey possible.

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