PCL's Leaders of Tomorrow

What makes leaders stand out? Is it their pursuit of passions, mentorship to others, or their involvement in the community? It’s all of the above. Today, standout leaders know no age. PCL’s young leaders take the initiative, set an example, and lead the way in the construction industry.  

 Thai continuously mentors students through the
ACE Mentor Program.

Jeremy motivates his team members to find
solutions to their challenges.

Lourdes takes every opportunity to continuously

Eric is currently working on the Lake Barkley project
in Cadiz, Kentucky.

Along with running Special Projects, Lucas is a
father of five young children.​

PCL’s Thai Nguyen, Jeremy Voss, Lourdes Lopez, Eric Chavez, and Lucas Mallory have all exhibited traits of young leaders which landed them onEngineering News Record (ENR)’s Top 20 Under 40 list for the California, Southwest, Southeast, and Mountain States regions.

“It is an incredible honor to have our young leaders recognized across the US,” said Shaun Yancey, president and COO, US Operations. “The future is bright for PCL with our company’s success being built upon the shoulders of young leaders like these.”


Thai’s dedication to his profession, community, and the next generation of architecture, engineering, and construction students makes him an outstanding leader and is instrumental to his success. His innovative approach to solving challenges and executing construction plans has positioned him as an integral and direct part of PCL’s overall success. Thai manages PCL’s Special Projects for the California Buildings group, a division that focuses on delivering projects valued at up to $10 million. His involvement in the ACE Mentor Program started in 2003 when he attended high school, and he has now returned as a mentor and board member. In 2013, he received the ENR/McGraw Hill ACE National Exemplary Mentor Award. His passion for education and mentoring sets a positive example for colleagues and industry leaders alike.

Jeremy is the type of leader that all companies wish they could duplicate. His outgoing personality draws people in, and his drive and work ethic have helped him achieve success throughout his career and personal life. As a senior project manager for PCL’s Orlando office, Jeremy has worked his way through many successful projects, including Streamsong Resort and the Orange County Convention Center. He empowers his team members by trusting them with opportunities, taking the time to listen and understand their needs, and motivating them to find solutions to challenges. He has set an example for others to follow, and his resolve to give back to the community makes him an inspiration to his peers. 

Lourdes has always placed a high priority on relationships with owners, designers, subcontractors, and coworkers. In doing so, she’s created an atmosphere of trust, cooperation, and open communication. As a project engineer for PCL’s Water Infrastructure Group in Phoenix, quality is innate in Lourdes, and her work is executed with the highest degree of professionalism and excellence. She actively works to enhance the success of women in the construction industry while furthering her own leadership skills, and is currently the president of the Greater Phoenix Chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) and the chair of the AZ Water Association’s Young Professionals Committee. Lourdes dedicates tremendous time and energy to organizations such as NAWIC, AZ Water Association, and the Advancing Women in Construction (AWIC) group at Arizona State University, her alma mater, for personal and professional growth, and the benefits of her involvement extend far beyond herself.

Throughout Eric’s career, he has eagerly assumed elevated leadership roles, guiding teams through unique, often unforeseen, challenges. His breadth of knowledge and passion for the industry make him a desired mentor on project sites, and he has remained a resource to his mentees even after they’ve moved to the next stages of their careers. Eric has played key roles in a variety of transportation infrastructure projects, including the Gilmerton Bascule Bridge Replacement in Chesapeake, Virginia, and currently the Lake Barkley Bridge Replacement in Kentucky. As project manager, Eric continues to grow, and his ability to excel in daily duties and better himself through acquiring certifications and licensures will propel him to the top in the industry. 

Lucas’s charismatic and confident personality, along with his genuine passion for delivering his best, has positioned him as one of PCL Construction’s influential young leaders. His business and civic leadership potential is limitless because of his enduring spirit for helping others, determination to provide excellence in construction, and passion for positioning his entire team for success. He has built a career on establishing and growing long-lasting relationships, and continues to do so every day he comes to work. As manager of Special Projects in Denver, Colorado, Lucas’s leadership qualities shine through on every project he manages. Along with balancing the load of running the demanding Special Projects division, Lucas is a father of five young children and an active community member, exemplifying PCL’s guiding principles of social responsibility.


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