Pick it up, pay it forward

“Mentorship has always been a big part of my career,” says Shawn Kitt. The PCL superintendent has learned firsthand the importance of surrounding himself with people he can talk to about challenges and who support his growth.

Shawn has had many influential mentors throughout his PCL career, but he says the first continues to resonate most with him. “He wasn’t just a mentor,” Shawn says. “He was also a leader who believed in me and gave me opportunities to challenge myself.”

Now Shawn makes it a priority to pay forward what he has learned. “I’m at a point in my career where I’m in a leadership role, and part of my job is to help and encourage others.”

The transition from mentee to mentor has taught Shawn that it’s important to ask questions and provide support if someone is struggling. “Having someone to bounce ideas off can make a huge difference,” says Shawn.

What does successful mentorship look like? “It’s more of a friendship, not something that’s strict or regimented,” explains Shawn. “You need a good match, and at PCL that’s not hard to find; there are so many talented people here to learn from.”

Shawn says being a mentor is about removing roadblocks for his team members as they grow through their careers and helping them out as much as possible. “I think mentorship is key to PCL’s success and I credit my own growth to the mentoring and leadership I’ve experienced here.”​​​​​​​

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