Shaping the Future of Construction

As of November 2018, Deron Brown​ will lead PCL as president and COO, US Operations, and will bring with him a forward-thinking, visionary mindset, challenging those around him to continuously drive for success.
Deron Brown, President and COO, US

For Deron, construction is a family business. ​

For Deron Brown, construction is a family business. With a grandfather who worked as a master carpenter, and a father who had his own construction company, building is in Deron’s blood. As PCL’s president and COO of US Operations, Deron will draw from his more than 30 years of experience to help propel PCL and the industry forward. 

A Family Tradition

Deron’s career started at just 14 years old when he worked as laborer in his hometown of Carrollton, Georgia, and by 16 he was operating equipment. He went on to earn a construction management degree at Auburn University, and wasted no time climbing to the role of superintendent at a small general contractor in Atlanta at the age of 24. It was his roles in labor and the field that Deron credits to his career success. “By never saying no to opportunities that came my way, I had the chance to learn a lot about the people I worked with and that has given me an immense amount of respect for them,” said Deron. “Throughout my career, I’ve held many positions which has helped enable me to relate to and respect a variety of different roles.”  

When Deron joined PCL’s Orlando office, his field experience enabled him to lead multiple successful projects along with some of PCL’s most iconic theme park installations. Additionally, the success of these projects led to the creation of lasting relationships with PCL’s high-value clients. As Deron transitioned into a senior management role at PCL’s US Head Office in Denver in 2012 he shifted his focus to innovation and progressing not only PCL but the entire construction industry.

An Investment Worth Taking

“If you think about it, the way people have laid block and poured concrete hasn’t changed a lot since I was growing up,” says Deron. “Technology is going to revolutionize the industry and allow us to find better, more efficient ways to build, increase safety on jobsites, and give our workers a better work-life balance.” Deron’s commitment to innovation goes beyond PCL. In 2012, as the industry was emerging from the recession, Deron led the charge at PCL to invest in a Virtual Design and Construction software called PartsLab

PartsLab, an Autodesk Revit add-in, automates the traditionally manual process of changing virtual models and allows multiple collaborators access, which saves hours of work. As a PCL product, Deron could have easily made the decision to keep the technology internal, but instead, chose to share the software with the rest of the construction industry—competitors included—free of charge. A testament to Deron’s passion for innovation and its place in the industry.

Another passion of Deron’s is ensuring that PCL continues to be seen as an employer of choice. “I’ve been a part of the PCL family for 23 years now, and the one thing I hear from people who move to PCL from other companies is that our people make the difference.” Deron recognizes the value in having an employee-owned company and believes the success of PCL is tied to the passion of the employees. “We want our people to bleed green and gold,” says Deron, “As an employee-owned company, our people are committed to our client’s and partner’s success. That’s what makes us a contractor of choice for our clients.”

Deron’s investment in people extends into the community as well. While in Orlando, Deron volunteered at Edgewood Children’s Ranch, a program that offers education, athletics, guidance, and counseling for at-risk youths. Most recently, he joined the board of Denver’s chapter for the Make a Wish Foundation. “I’ve always had a passion for children and helping them lead full and enriched lives. Make a Wish gives kids with life threatening illnesses hope, or a break from the hardships they’re going through. I see it as our duty to help those kids any way we can.” 

While construction has always been the family business, Deron is going far beyond following in his family’s footsteps. As he steps into his new role as president and COO, ​Deron promises clients, employees, and community partners one thing: to continue to challenge the process. He looks forward to shaping the construction industry through innovation and pushing the boundaries while continuously driving for success. 


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