Taking Sustainability to the Next Level

Scott Beckman, director of sustainability, might be new to PCL but he’s not new to green building. He’s been interested in conservation and the environment his whole life, so it’s not surprising that a focus on sustainability has shaped his career path for the past 16 years. 


Before joining PCL, Scott was a senior project manager for a renewable energy company and the corporate director of sustainability at a large North American engineering firm. He was drawn to PCL because of what he saw as its great reputation and experience in sustainable construction. 

“I felt that PCL would give me the opportunity to push sustainability forward in a leading organization that strives to act in a socially responsible and environmentally respectful manner,” says Scott. “PCL has the talent, resources, and the drive to deliver high-value, cost-effective solutions.”

Scott has seen sustainability move from the fringes to the mainstream during the course of his career. “The industry is now in what I call Sustainability 3.0,” Scott says. “In the past, sustainability focused mainly on incorporating recycled products and achieving modest energy and water savings. It then progressed to tracking building performance and taking sustainability beyond the jobsite—securing building products in a sustainable way and considering a building’s external environmental impact. Now in ’3.0,’ the focus is on incorporating ’net-zero‘ energy, carbon, and water strategies into the development of next-generation infrastructure.”  

PCL is developing tools and processes to help us understand the energy used and carbon produced from our activities during construction and the life-cycle impacts of the building materials that comprise our projects. These tools are allowing us to make informed choices and recommendations that reduce the amount of energy required to construct a building. 

“Our clients expect us to build sustainably and deliver exceptional levels of service,” adds Scott. “Focusing on sustainability pushes the company and our project teams to think beyond the basics of project delivery and to consider innovative ways to become even more efficient and effective while delivering exceptional value to our clients.” ​​​​​