Teamwork Drives Success

“It’s been an amazing ride.” That’s how Stephen Davis describes life since the moment he signed up to take the newly offered construction management program at San Diego State University.

A superintendent at PCL, Stephen attributes a big part of the journey to the people who have helped him out along the way.

“The people stand out at PCL,” says Stephen. “My team is invested in me and genuinely cares about my success both in my work and in my personal life. And despite how big the company is, it still has that small company feel because you build real relationships here.”

He started at PCL while he was in university, but no one ever called him an intern. His first title was field engineer and PCL immediately gave him responsibilities and held him accountable for his work. He liked that because it gave him a sense of ownership.

Stephen grew up playing football and got his first taste of construction when one of his coaches set him up with a seasonal job remodeling commercial retail stores across California. Stephen saw that, like football, construction required a team mentality to be successful. He was immediately drawn to the sense of accomplishment he got from working as a team, seeing the finished products, and being able to say, “We built that.”  

Stephen is a people person, and he realized early on that a positive attitude and encouragement can go a long way on the field and on the construction site. He embraces the fact that leadership comes with a lot of responsibility and that you need to set an example for others.

“It’s great to see younger employees learning from people who’ve been in the construction business a lot longer,” says Stephen. “The most rewarding part of my job is helping people grow and develop and then watching them get the job done.”​

​​​​​​  ​