PCL Revitalizes Parks in Denver and Boulder

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Denver – Buildings Construction

DENVER, CO (June 27, 2018) – PCL Construction Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the successful completion of Re-Imagine Play, Phase I at Paco Sanchez Park in Denver as well as the Civic Area Park in Boulder. PCL was selected to transform these two popular parks that are at the heart of their communities.
Re-Imagine Play, Paco Sanchez Park, Denver, CO 

Civic Area Park, Boulder, CO​

The work completed at the Re-Imagine Play at Paco Sanchez Park includes a new and innovative playground named “Re-Imagine Play”. The playground’s inventive design features a complex, 30-foot-tall climbing tower that resembles a vintage microphone, paying homage to the park’s namesake, radio host and activist Paco Sanchez. Re-Imagine Play is an innovative concept that goes beyond the traditional playground. It is intended to be a multi-generational activity and play area that gives p​ark users of all ages the opportunity to remain active and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. More creative equipment will be added to the park next summer when phase 2 of construction is completed.

Boulder’s new Civic Area Master Plan includes transformation of the Civic Area into a unique reflection of the community’s shared values and diversity. The Civic Area provides space and programs for locals to gather, recreate, eat, learn, deliberate, and innovate. Construction at the Civic Area includes the addition of rain gardens, wetland buffers and planting areas, the re-routing of the existing bike and pedestrian paths, and the careful creation of unique hardscapes such as recycled cordwood benches and large boulder seating.

“PCL is proud of our community involvement and of having the opportunity to provide our services to important places like Denver’s Paco Sanchez Park and Boulder’s Civic Area, where families and children can enjoy time spent together in a healthy and fun environment,” said Steve Kovach, manager of Special Projects for Denver Buildings. “It was our honor and pleasure to be selected for these two very important projects.”

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