PCL Partners with Red Cross for Disaster Preparedness

The PCL family of companies is partnering with the Canadian and American Red Cross to provide $600,000 for disaster relief services over the next three years. The donation will be split into three annual gifts of $100,000 to both Red Cross societies.
A donation of $100,000 enables the Red Cross to shelter, feed, and care for 150 families for four to five days. The donation will enable the two national Red Cross societies to capitalize on the savings that can be achieved by proactively investing in disaster response operations, such as prepositioning supplies, training disaster response workers, and establishing critical disaster response infrastructure.


More than 98,000 trained volunteer disaster workers in the United States and Canada are prepared to respond to a natural disaster, manmade devastation, or even a pandemic.
The Red Cross must be prepared to provide ongoing help from the moment disaster strikes and for the duration of the crisis, as well as during a period of recovery. When a disaster strikes, the Red Cross works quickly to coordinate shelter and food for affected populations, and, in the immediate aftermath, distributes aid and other needed supplies. In the long term, the Red Cross supports the rebuilding of lives by connecting clients with resources that offer sustainable solutions and meet continuing needs. 


“We have all seen firsthand how disasters can impact communities,” said Peter Beaupré, president and COO of PCL Construction Enterprises, Inc. “At PCL, we want to proactively help the Red Cross in their efforts to assist whenever and wherever a disaster strikes. We are excited about our growing relationship with the Red Cross across North America.”