Warm Hearts and New Horizons

A decorated office door at PCL’s
Bakersfield, CA operations. Participants at PCL’s first family Christmas
party in Australia. A PCL jobsite in Ottawa, Canada, decorated
 for the holiday season.
The holiday season is here, and employees across the PCL family of companies are in a festive mood. They have brought their work-hard, play-hard attitude to activities across the organization.

From three different countries, here are a few of the many ways that PCL’s operational districts have found to celebrate the holidays.


In Bakersfield, California, employees raised money for a local charity by “buying” and decorating doors at the PCL office.
“Everyone had an opportunity to buy a door for five dollars and decorate it however they wanted,” said Joe Carrieri, vice president and general manager of PCL’s Bakersfield operations. “Some employees stuck with a Christmas theme, and some incorporated PCL within their design.”
Employees brought their children and grandchildren to the door-decorating activities. Organizers said that the event was a fun way to include the families of PCL employees in workplace festivities while raising money for a worthy cause.


As part of PCL’s first project in Australia, a small group of employees from PCL’s North American operations have been transplanted Down Under. Being so far away from home, the 13 employees have become like family to each other, often getting together outside of work for birthdays, barbecues, and holidays.
On one of the hottest days of 2012, PCL’s Melbourne employees and their families participated in their company Christmas party. The group gathered at the largest ice sports facility in Australia for an afternoon of ice skating, face painting, and a visit from the Yeti and Santa Claus himself.


A nine-year old girl in Ottawa, Ontario, challenged all local contractors with construction cranes in her city to see who, by illuminating the cranes with Christmas lights, could make the way brighter for Santa to find her home. PCL and its client rose to the challenge and decorated the masts of two tower cranes, two small trees, and one large tree on their construction site with more than 7,000 Christmas lights. Of three contenders, PCL was selected by the public as the winner of the girl’s informal competition. The warmth and cheer of the friendly holiday challenge have made the entire city a little brighter.

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