A Strategic Progression

PCL prides itself on applying innovative solutions to construction challenges, a formula that has served the organization well for over a century. Innovation is not limited to the projects PCL builds; it extends to the way the organization manages itself to best serve clients and other partners. As PCL president and CEO Paul Douglas explains, the spirit of innovation has initiated an evolution of senior management.
PCL president and CEO Paul Douglas.
“For over a century, our leadership models have served us very well, positioning us for growth and helping us to become one of the largest contractors in North America,” said Douglas. “As we have grown, the management needs of our organization have grown in turn. With Peter (Beaupré) and Brad (Nelson) deciding to start well-earned retirements, the opportunity for change just couldn’t be ignored.” Peter Beaupré is retiring from active duty as chief operating officer for PCL’s US Operations, and Brad Nelson is retiring from active duty as chief operating officer for PCL’s Canadian Buildings and Civil Infrastructure Operations. Both Beaupré and Nelson will continue to provide counsel through their membership on PCL’s Board.
With PCL continuing to grow, the time had come for senior executive leadership at PCL to evolve to better meet the needs of its clients and partners. PCL’s new model is called the Office of the CEO.

The Office of the CEO

The Office of the CEO represents the evolution of management at PCL, a structure that builds on the past but looks to meet the challenges of leading the organization as it builds toward an annual revenue of $10 billion. The organization previously had been served by a top senior leadership model consisting of a CEO and three chief operating officers. 

The members of the newly created office include the following:
  • Paul Douglas (president and CEO)
  • Dave Filipchuk (president and COO, Canadian & Australian Operations)
  • Shaun Yancey (president and COO, US Operations)
  • Ian Johnston (COO, Heavy Industrial)
  • Rob Holmberg (COO, Buildings)
  • Luis Ventoza (COO, Civil Infrastructure)
  • Gordon Panas (chief financial officer)
  • Steve Richards (general counsel)

“I’m very pleased with the senior executive team we have in the Office of the CEO to better serve our clients and partners,” said Douglas. “The new Office of the CEO positions construction professionals with many years of experience to share the visions of our clients and partners and build success through specialized expertise tailored to the sectors and regions in which their businesses operate.”
While the structure is new, the team is made up of PCL leadership personalities that are already performing senior executive leadership duties and bring with them decades of construction and management experience. The Office of the CEO is about harmonizing resources for maximum effectiveness.
“The Office of the CEO structure allows us to add more value for our customers and partners,” added Douglas. “This group will ensure we bring the power of all of our professionals to the client at the right time.”

Country chief operating officers and sector chief operating officers

For PCL’s Buildings and Civil Infrastructure clients and partners, the new structure gives the country COOs, Dave Filipchuk and Shaun Yancey, the opportunity to collaborate with cross-border sector COOs Rob Holmberg (Buildings) and Luis Ventoza (Civil Infrastructure), to offer greater value. PCL is now providing the senior executive expertise of these duos to create a value-added experience for our clients and partners.
In PCL’s Heavy Industrial sector, a unique and specialized area of general contracting, Ian Johnston continues in his company-wide role created many months ago to serve these clients and partners, many of whom transcend borders.
“We are really focusing on what our clients and partners tell us they need to succeed in a construction marketplace that continues to globalize,” said Douglas. “We recognize the unique business environments that certain geographies present, so we are combining a senior executive well versed in those intricacies with a senior executive well versed in the sector, wherever a given type of project may be built.”
Dave Filipchuk is a 29-year PCL veteran of the Canadian construction landscape taking on the new challenge of the Australian construction scene, and Shaun Yancey is a 31-year PCL veteran of the US construction landscape. Combine that with Rob Holmberg’s 26 years of PCL Buildings experience and Luis Ventoza’s 26 years of PCL Civil Infrastructure experience and you have a very seasoned team of senior executive construction professionals available to PCL’s clients and partners. Ian Johnston is an 11-year PCL veteran and brings more than 30 years of experience in the heavy industrial construction business.

For more information on PCL’s senior management, please visit our Executive Profiles section.



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