Collaborating with Native American Cultures

The Minnesota American Indian Chamber of Commerce’s (MAICC) goal is to promote, advocate, and create economic prosperity on behalf of American Indian businesses, organizations, professionals, and tribal enterprises in a global market. PCL has played a role in helping some members of the MAICC achieve that goal.
Collaborating with Native American Cultures: Mystic Lake Casino
PCL has been working with the owners of the Mystic Lake and Little Point casinos from the beginning—a partnership that has spanned more than a decade and involved more than 30 projects.


PCL has had the opportunity to partner with American Indian construction firms throughout its work on the casino projects. The partnership went beyond just building, extending to develop new and innovative programs to recruit, train, and employ American Indian construction workers.
The success of these programs lead the MAICC to present Mike Durene, a superintendent with PCL in Minneapolis, the Turtle Award for his commitment to the American Indian community.


The Turtle Award is given to an individual or organization that volunteers time, energy, and services beyond normal work responsibilities to support and promote the MAICC and the Chamber’s efforts for American Indian businesses. The prestigious award is named after the turtle, an animal that is a constant giver and exudes longevity and wisdom in the American Indian tradition.
David Bice, president of Bald Eagle Erectors, has seen his company become a consistent partner on PCL projects throughout the upper Midwest. “As an American Indian in the construction industry, I have seen first-hand the stereotypes that Native Americans deal with on a daily basis,” said Bice. “Mike’s commitment to Bald Eagle Erectors and other American Indian companies has given us the opportunity to carve our niche in the construction world.”