Cargill Prairie Malt Flexi-chamber and Steeped Floor Concrete Repairs

Project Overview

Malt is the main ingredient used to process beer, and Cargill provides brewers, distillers, and food manufacturers with a wide range of the highest-quality malts. Prairie Malt Limited, built in 1977, set a record for being Saskatchewan's biggest grain processing center; in one year, the plant can produce 220,000 metric tons of barley malt. The processing plant converts malt barley to malt using the Wanderhaufen system to germinate the process. The University of Saskatchewan Crop Development Centre has contributed to the success of the province's only malting plant by producing a variety of barley strains.

The project consisted of concrete repairs to the germination area of Prairie Malt’s flexi-chamber facility. Work included shutting down and isolating 10 chambers, each of which is 160 feet long, 30 feet wide, and 16 feet high; protecting the steeped floor; erecting scaffolding; and doing epoxy-injection crack repair. Other related work involved sounding the existing concrete walls for delaminating concrete, removing all delaminating and spawling concrete on the walls and ceilings, and repairing with a high-strength grout.

The chambers differed vastly in the number of repairs required, and the full extent of the work could not be known until sounding of concrete was completed, yet the timeline for each chamber was the same: 14 days from the time a chamber was emptied until it was put back into service. The project was priced as a lump-sum project for the known repairs, with a unit-price component for additional required work. The project schedule was six months, and PCL turned over each of the 10 chambers on or ahead of the scheduled timeline.


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