A Growing Space for a Growing Company

PCL Building 1​​ is the latest addition to PCL's North American Headquarters in Edmonton. From the outset, the project team’s goal was to create a functional workspace for a growing workforce housed in an innovative, but modest, structure. The new building features approximately 44,000 square feet of office space, workstations, and meeting rooms that provide employees with a stimulating and varied work environment.

PCL’s North American Headquarters has a glass
and concrete exterior and features 44,000 square
feet of office space.

Floating glass stairs protrude off the curved
concrete wall.

“This new building presented an opportunity to demonstrate who we are and how we’ve grown as a company, as well as to highlight some of the innovative construction techniques that PCL can bring to our clients,” says Rob Holmberg, COO Buildings.

Setting a new standard

Employees on the PCL campus were able to view during construction the innovative and environmentally conscious building techniques that are routinely applied to clients’ projects elsewhere to ensure their success. PCL staff experienced a project built on a “model project” theme that implemented advances such as digital drawings and electronic plan tables (resulting in an environmentally friendly, virtually paperless process) and an integrated design that consultants, the project team, and key subcontractors developed by working together. The outcome is a building that achieves sustainability goals at the same time that it furthers employee satisfaction. Ergonomically optimal individual and collaborative work spaces flooded with natural light offer occupants of this three-story structure a level of comfort unmatched by another on the PCL Edmonton campus.
“We feel that having great facilities and work environments demonstrates the respect we have for our employees who give their personal best on a daily basis,” said Mike Olsson, vice president of human resources and professional development. “What PCL has been able to deliver is not only a first-class building that meets LEED® Gold classification and that represents us as one of North America’s largest construction companies, but also a structure conductive to proud, productive, and engaged employees.”

Connected to our roots

Throughout the building are framed photographs taken by PCL’s founder Ernest Poole in the 1930s, which capture the landscape and projects at the time of the company’s move to Alberta. These images recall PCL’s shared history as an organization and serve as a constant reminder to employees of the need for the built environment to coexist harmoniously with the natural environment.
Want to learn more about the specifics of PCL’s Model Project?

This video illustrates some of the most innovative features associated with Building 1, highlighting the “Model Project” aspect of the build.

This video focuses on the client-oriented approach to building and the significant benefits that resulted from cooperation among all partners on the design team.
Profiles the significant aesthetic and historic role played by some of the artistic and architectural choices in the building.

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