A World of Color at Legoland

LEGO has been a household name for more than half a century. Those colorful interlocking plastic bricks have provided hours of entertainment to generations of children.
LEGOLAND® theme park in Winter Haven, Florida.
For many PCL employees, this toy was the inspiration for their careers. PCL project manager Billy Matthesen acknowledges that his interest in LEGO as a child is probably the reason he is in the construction industry today. In fact, Billy and his PCL project team have spent the last year surrounded by the world’s largest LEGO-inspired project: LEGOLAND®, a theme park located in Winter Haven Florida.


This fasttrack, design-build project, from inception through design and construction to grand opening, was delivered in record time. “From the first concrete pour to the opening party was 10 months,” said Matthesen.

The aggressive schedule was achieved through the tireless efforts of the PCL project team, which included extensive coordination and value-engineering efforts with LEGOLAND®. It is this collaborative approach that PCL brings to every project which ensures projects can overcome any obstacles and be delivered on time.

LEGOLAND Florida won the Design-Build Institute of America’s National Award in the Rehabilitation/Renovation/Restoration category. The selection process for the awards involved numerous criteria including best practices, sustainability, schedule and cost performance, and value-added distinctiveness.


Perhaps one of the biggest challenges of this project came six weeks before its completion date. A huge storm swept through LEGOLAND®, leaving behind substantial damage. More than nine inches of rain fell in less than three hours, wreaking havoc on the site.

Damage was evident throughout: torrential rain was so powerful that it washed out paving stones and dragged them 200 feet away. While this (un)natural event was a setback, the PCL team quickly got back to work and kept the client informed as to how they were dealing with the situation to ensure that they maintained the project schedule.