Building Together, One Sparkle at a Time

Hillberg & Berk is about creating beautiful jewelry and empowering women. So when CEO and founder Rachel Mielke moved her Canadian-based, luxury jewelry company from her kitchen table to a bricks-and-mortar store, she wanted a contractor committed to encouraging women in the trades.


Mielke heard about PCL through her participation in an association for Canadian business leaders. The partnership started with the renovation of Hillberg & Berk’s first store in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Cognizant of Mielke’s vision to empower women through education, inspiration, and opportunity, PCL ensured the project team featured a strong female presence and project manager.


In 2016, Mielke employed PCL’s Special Projects​ team to transform a former furniture store with a warehouse into a commercial office space and distribution center. PCL carried out a complete Head Office renovation and interior demolition to make a space designed specifically for Hillberg & Berk.

As Hillberg & Berk continued to grow, PCL formed a national partnership with the luxury jewelry brand. As part of this ongoing relationship, PCL has built retail locations across the prairies.

The design concept for the franchise’s retail locations was of a “dream closet” with French provincial flair. This saw PCL installing retail display cabinets, special lighting, mirrors, and built-in storage cases, and painting rose gold accents to achieve the right look and feel.

All Hillberg & Berk stores other than the Flagship were built within active malls. PCL was careful to respect mall guidelines regarding noise during peak hours and stuck to tight schedules to ensure the shops were open during busy shopping seasons and holidays.

To meet these challenges, PCL sole-sourced the projects and whenever possible incorporated architectural features that were already in place. Items with long lead times were ordered as early as possible, and field measurements were captured as soon as the team’s steel-toed boots stepped on-site. By taking these steps and collaborating with the owners and interior designers, PCL delivered the “dream closets” on time, on budget, and on brand. ​​​