Preserving a Nation's History

The West Block on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill is one of Canada’s historic landmarks. Unfortunately, it’s a piece of history that is literally crumbling apart. The Government of Canada’s Public Works department has said the national historic site is in "an advanced state of deterioration," and the Auditor General says the building has been assessed as being in “critical condition.” 
The West Block on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill is one of Canada’s historic landmarks.
The historically classified four-story building was designed by Thomas Stent and Augustus Laver in 1859, and it officially opened in 1865. Its tenants include the Canada’s top decision makers—ministers, members of parliament and their staff, plus one of the largest rooms on Parliament Hill: the ceremonial Confederation Room.


There is an urgent need to proceed with the restoration work. The building’s stonework is cracked and crumbling, asbestos has to be removed, and the electrical and temperature systems in the buildings are in danger of a total failure.
PCL is undertaking a complete renovation of the facilities. The project is not simply a makeover to restore the buildings to a museum-like state. It is a complete restoration to ensure the 150-year old site can return to a functional home where the nation’s business gets done. 
The job includes preserving and protecting the load-bearing masonry exterior, dealing with the environmental issues related to removing asbestos throughout the building, and upgrading the buildings to create safe, secure, and functional home for members of the House of Commons.


This project is being funded by the taxpayers of Canada so, in effect, the client is every citizen of the country. As an employee-owned company, PCL knows the importance of getting value for the dollar. As taxpayers, PCL employees bring this same attitude to the job to ensure that the government, and all Canadians, receive full value for their investment.
The PCL team is proud to play a role in the restoration of a national historic site that will continue to play an important role in the governing of the nation.