Producing Greener Fuels in Texas

Consumers are demanding cleaner burning auto fuels that have a less harmful effect on the environment. Low-sulfur diesel is one product that is helping to reduce harmful exhaust emissions and improve air quality.
TOTAL Petrochemicals' Port Arthur, Texas, refinery.
The increasing demand for low-sulfur diesel fuel prompted TOTAL Petrochemicals USA Inc. to expand its refinery in Port Arthur, Texas. The $2.2-billion Port Arthur expansion was designed to add 3 million tons per year of low-sulfur automotive diesel fuel to the refinery's production and raise total output for all products from the refinery to about 12 million tons.


When TOTAL was looking to expand its Port Arthur refinery, it turned to PCL’s Industrial division to be the general contractor responsible for the construction of the sulfur block.
The complex design required a combination of expertise in civil and industrial construction. PCL was able to draw from its broad base of building experience to successfully complete each step of the project, from erecting the structural steel to installing all of the mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation components required in the job. Having all of this construction expertise available from a single contractor was critical in meeting the objectives of the project and the client.


Getting the work done on time and on budget are not the only considerations for PCL. Clients demand that the work is done safely, and PCL complies. PCL is one of the safest contractors in the business, which was evidenced in the Port Arthur refinery expansion project achieving TOTAL’s highest safety award.