Sky High Living

Whether they’re shedding stress in the Zen-inspired yoga studio, shooting pool in the games room, or meeting friends at the social kitchen and wine bar, residents of the CIELO Apartment Community ​​have access to world-class amenities. CIELO’s urban refinement is seen in its 335 striking, modern apartments, 24-hour concierge, oversized ground-level plaza and a rooftop terrace 31 stories above the Seattle skyline.

The Cielo Apartment Community is
located in Seattle’s historic First Hill

Residents can enjoy stainless steel appliances,
hardwood floors, and open kitchens in the 335
luxury apartment units.

Residents have a skyline view of downtown Seattle
from their bedrooms.

Residents not only enjoy breathtaking views but live in the first high-rise to meet Seattle’s new energy code. Energy efficiency and conservation are designed into every aspect of the LEED Silver building.


The monumental high-rise is located in the First Hill neighborhood, which has come to be known as a walker’s paradise. With more than 40 coffee shops and elegant restaurants within a half mile of the front doors, CIELO is at the center of it all. The location of the project presented challenges, however: the very tight project site meant that every delivery of materials had to be carefully scheduled. Just-in-time deliveries were unloaded in the limited lay-down area and taken immediately into the site.
Breaking ground to make way for the five levels of below-grade parking revealed an unforeseen difficulty. More than 30,000 gallons of groundwater per day were seeping into the site from a natural spring a few blocks away. This required the team to install additional de-watering wells and equipment in an effort to mitigate the amount of water that infiltrated the excavations. The team installed a gutter to catch the water coming through the shoring wall and fed it into a garbage can with a pump. This helped keep the water from saturating the soils at the bottom of the hole and allowed for the installation of the bentonite waterproofing system. With the installation of the gutter and bentonite waterproofing system, the team was able to build their way out of the hole.


An aggressive phased turnover schedule called for phase one to be complete just two months before final building completion to allow for early lease-up of apartments. For the early turnover to occur, all building life-safety systems needed to be up and running. These systems include any interior building elements designed to protect and evacuate building occupants in an emergency, such as a fire or earthquake, or a less critical event like a power failure. With the life-safety systems completed in time for phase one turnover, and with approvals from the inspectors and fire marshals, phase one was successfully turned over to the owner, including retail space and three levels of below-grade parking, as well as 50 apartments on levels one through thirteen. The final phase was successfully built out to an even more aggressive schedule. Floors fourteen and fifteen had been completed but served as a buffer zone between the livable space and construction, creating a noise barrier for those already inhabiting the building and the completion of the construction work on floors 16 and above.
“Laconia has worked with many contractors over the years, but none of them have matched PCL for technical expertise, ethical interactions, and just downright fun to work with,” said Paul Menzies, Laconia Development LLC. “We are very much looking forward to our next project with the PCL team.”

With CIELO successfully turned over ahead of schedule, residents are already assured they are living a life of comfort and convenience on the Seattle skyline.


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