Welcome to the Neighborhood

The Barrio Logan neighborhood in San Diego recently celebrated the completion of Mercado del Barrio, a mixed-use building project consisting of affordable housing and retail space—including the neighborhood’s first grocery store. The Estrella del Mercado Apartments provide affordable rent to a neighborhood that has recently undergone gentrification.
The new Mercado del Barrio mixed-use building
project in San Diego, CA.​

PCL project staff celebrating at the grand opening
of the Mercado del Barrio with Robert Chavez (c)
formerly of the
San Diego Redevelopment Agency.


San Diego mayor Jerry Saunders spoke at the opening ceremony and praised the completed work, which provides 92 additional housing units to the neighborhood, and employed 400 construction and consulting jobs to San Diegans throughout the duration of the project.
“This represents a triumph for so many people who worked so hard to see this project come to completion,” said Saunders. “Mixed-use projects like the Mercado provide the residents with a safe and permanent place to live and greater access to services and retail." 


The Barrio neighborhood is located on the edge of downtown San Diego and the I-5 serves as its northern border. The San Diego housing commission invested $7 million to acquire the land for the apartments and provided a loan toward the $43 million development as part of a larger urban revitalization effort. The PCL project team began construction in March 2011, but city officials have been planning and advocating for the Mercado del Barrio redevelopment project for 20 years. 
The Estrella del Mercado Apartments are part of the larger 48,000-square-foot, mixed-use residential/retail Mercado del Barrio redevelopment. The San Diego Redevelopment Agency is the visionary organization behind the project. PCL was contracted to build the apartments, as well as an adjacent 209-stall, three-story parking structure and apartment complex podium deck. The building will include the Hispanic-themed Northgate Gonzalez Market and additional space for retail shops and restaurants. PCL project manager Glen Evans said that the new development extends the community down to the ocean and neighboring historic Chicano Park.

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