Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) Phase II West Building

Project Overview

Located in the heart of Orlando’s tourism district, the Orange County Convention Center is a world-class convention facility that hosts some of the largest conventions in the United States. Many of these exhibitions host tens of thousands of guests, resulting in an economic impact of over $2 billion each year, and benefiting more than 1,000 local businesses and 25,000 employees in Central Florida. PCL’s renovation of approximately 460,000 square feet of the center’s West Building delivers expertly finished, modern spaces that enable the facility’s operations team to deliver complete guest satisfaction time and again.

The West Building of the Orange County Convention Center boasts four million square feet of space. While the building hosts hundreds of the nation’s largest conventions, first-rate mechanical equipment is running behind the scenes. PCL was tasked with installing new equipment in the mechanical room on the level 4 mezzanine. Contract drawings indicated that to get this heavy equipment up to level 4, PCL would cut a 10-foot by 9-foot hole in the exterior of the mechanical room. PCL raised concerns that this plan would leave the space exposed during Central Florida’s rainy season and require an expensive crane to hoist the equipment onto the center’s brand new roof, risking possible damage.

After discussing these concerns with the owner, PCL developed an alternative plan to hoist the equipment from inside the building on level 1, up to level 4. With the owner’s approval, PCL built a scaffold platform on level 1 and sat a forklift atop the platform. PCL coordinated the forklift’s reach so that the mechanical units could be hoisted up to level 4. Once on level 4, the equipment was rolled into the mechanical room and installed on mechanical pads. PCL’s alternative approach allowed for the mechanical equipment to be installed at a lower cost, while avoiding exposure to rainwater and without risking any damage to the center’s new roof.


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