SMEPA - Moselle Plant Repower - Simple Cycle Phase

Project Overview

PCL was selected to build this simple cycle phase of the client’s repowering project at Moselle Generating Station. The project is the installation contract for two GE Frame 7EA combustion turbine-generators (CTs) rated at 85 megawatts each. PCL was responsible for the turnkey installation, including the entire GE scope of supply, ancillary support equipment and interconnects, and start-up support. Completion of the PCL scope gave the client access to peaking power prior to the completion of the combined cycle phase of the project.

The PCL team executed the project as part of a multi-contractor team engaged to repower the existing coal-fired generating plant using new natural gas-fired combustion turbines. Due to the early delivery of components for the combined cycle phase during the simple cycle erection phase, the client needed a contractor experienced in managing the receipt of components associated with combined cycle generating plant construction. They selected PCL to perform this critical function, and engaged the PCL material management team prior to the start of erection work. That team was responsible for offloading, inventorying, and storing the GE CT components, as well as for the Nooter heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) components and the balance of plant shipments until they were needed for installation.

PCL’s work had to be coordinated with the civil and electrical contractors, and with the HRSG contractor to accomplish an on-time start-up of the simple cycle phase of the project. The PCL team completed work such that the client noted that they have never had such an easy project close-out. This effort enabled SMEPA to meet its peaking power demands on time and to focus its project management team on the completion of the balance of the project without any lingering issues from the PCL scope of work.


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