The Quarters Downtown Streetscape

Project Overview

The Quarters Downtown Streetscape is a signature project located in the City of Edmonton in an area slated for significant redevelopment. The project dramatically improved the area through redeveloping and upgrading existing underground utilities, and installing new streetscapes and landscaping.

The project took three years to complete, owing to its complex nature, intricate details, and high-quality finishes. Careful planning with pedestrian and vehicular traffic was paramount in keeping business store fronts open and people safe. Temporary fencing was installed and maintained to prevent the public from entering an active work site. As the project was a signature revitalization project for the City, precise tolerances required a strong quality management program. The layout of the pavers relative to the curbs, tree pit openings, and site furnishings were set to the millimeter. Alignments were checked and re-checked to ensure the layout would provide the harmonious look the design intended. Further complexities involved sequencing and coordinating work in a congested site. A major hotel, adjacent to the Quarters site, was being constructed at the same time, resulting in the need for close coordination to minimize the impacts of material deliveries, crane placement, and general construction activities.

The concrete paving stones were procured from eastern Canada and had to be carefully scheduled around plant closures and site requirements to ensure the pavers were on site as needed to prevent schedule delay. The paving stones had a unique pattern with multiple colors which was a critical part of this signature project. Multiple mockups were reviewed to ensure the blended colors of the concrete pavers produced the designed random pattern envisioned by the design consultant. The team’s planning and careful attention to detail throughout the project resulted in a successful project that was finished on budget and on schedule with a satisfied client.


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