Thousand Islands Border Crossing Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Facility Redevelopment

Project Overview

This redevelopment project consists of the phased construction of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)'s new 70,837-square-foot border crossing facility, including traffic and commercial portions of the building, primary inspection lanes, and secondary inspection areas. The building contains upgraded office space for CBSA staff, holding cells, and divided commercial and public services. Also included in the scope is a wastewater treatment plant and fire-pumping facilities, CCTV systems, security, and access control systems. The original structures were demolished in phases to allow operations to continue as the new facility was constructed.

The 56-acre project site in Lansdowne, Ontario, operated directly adjacent to the existing border crossing during Phase 1 of the project; Phase 2 was completed with ongoing border crossing operations directly to the west and east of the site. Access and security control were critical to project site operations. As this was a high-traffic volume area, with thousands of cars per day, PCL implemented strict procedures on maintaining a secure construction site to ensure the safety of travelers crossing the border.

Communication between all major stakeholders was key to the success of this project. PCL, in coordination with project stakeholders, analyzed how many existing inspection booths were being used during the summer months—a high-usage time for border crossing traffic. As a result of this collaboration, it was determined that more booths would be removed during the slower traffic season, during which time the new booths would be built. This enabled the earlier turnover of more new inspection booths in advance of peak seasonal usage, creating a more efficient flow of border traffic. This targeted rephasing of the project, in addition to other schedule reconfigurations, enabled PCL to deliver this expansive redevelopment project to the client almost two months ahead of schedule.


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