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  • Exciting Ideas in the Prefab World

    The other week I spoke at the BIMForum in Denver. Although this event is primarily aimed at bringing together people who work in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) world, this particular conference had a focus on prefabrication and modularization.
  • Getting it Right When No One is Watching

    Henry Ford, the great automobile industrialist of the early 20th century, once said, “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”
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  • We can Weather any Weather!

    Weather delays can have a big financial impact on construction projects, but there’s a solution for many projects. Permanent Modular Construction is able to limit these kinds of problems by building various project components in a controlled environment.
  • BIM Training for Today’s World

    At PCL we have begun implementing a training and development program to integrate BIM knowledge across the scope of our project teams.
  • Expect the Unexpected

    As more and more partners and potential clients get wind of Permanent Modular Construction (PMC), interest in it has soared.
  • The Last Couple of Weeks in Ducuale

    We are getting close to finishing up the bridge foundations and should complete the project next week.
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  • How to Inspire Quality: A Lesson from the Students of Iolani Schools, Hawaii

    Nestled at the center of the Iolani Schools main campus in Honolulu you will find not only the site of the new Sullivan Center for Applied Studies, but the answer to inspiring a quality construction project.
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  • Approaching the Finish

    It’s hard to believe that I’m now over halfway through my stay in Nicaragua. This past week, we started back on the east side of the Ducuale footbridge.
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  • Color Controversy

    Green gets more attention than most other colors in the color wheel. It isn’t boring, and it isn’t simple. It certainly isn’t beige. It gets people talking, even debating.
  • Rising Waters

    After three weeks at Ducuale, we are almost halfway done with the foundation work, and I hope we can keep up this pace despite the increasing rain.
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  • The Ducuale Bridge Begins

    On the 20th of May, we started on the Ducuale Grande Bridge in Condega, Nicaragua.
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  • The Human Side of BIM

    The amount and quality of technology that construction professionals can draw on today is at an all-time high. But finding the right people to operate the systems is the only true way to efficiency, cost savings, and quality.
  • Quality Starts with Understanding the Vision

    The first question I typically ask of a project team when I visit a jobsite is, “Have you been to the architect’s office to understand their vision for the project?”
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  • Why Modular Makes Sense

    When was the last time you bought a new car and the dealer told you they'd order all the parts, and have the shop mechanics put them together, so they'd have your new car ready for you in eight or nine months?
  • This One’s for My Daughter

    We use an analogy at PCL to help us remember the importance of meeting the needs of our clients. We compare our projects to a meal that a customer might order in a restaurant.
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  • Surging Ahead with Renewable Energy

    I love the renewable energy industry. My wife does not. Whenever I prattle on to her about low environmental impacts and sustainability, her eyes glaze over.
  • Does Quality Have a Face?

    I have been in the construction industry for over 25 years, working all across North America for PCL Construction. Throughout this journey I have often wondered what makes for a quality project. Does quality have a face?
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