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  • How to Build a Quality Bridge—One Bolt at a Time

    As the national director of quality management for the sixth largest general contractor in the US, the most daunting task for me is to convince others to have the same passion for producing a quality product that I do.
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  • Quality and Field Mobility: A Perfect Mix

    Many years ago, I attended a course on negotiating and learned the phrase "access to information is power." This is especially true in the real estate market.
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  • Expanding our Capacity with Autodesk Products

    PCL just entered into a second Enterprise Business Agreement (EBA) with Autodesk, giving us 250 concurrent licenses of Autodesk products for another three years and titles including all major AEC products.
  • Quality Drinking Water is not an Accident

    If you were offered dirty, unfiltered water, but at a substantially reduced price, would you drink it? I didn’t think so. When it comes to certain things in life, you just don't compromise on the quality of the product for you or your family.
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  • Motivating for Quality

    Quality excellence is achieved by finding what motivates people to do their best. When evaluating quality on a construction site, it is important for project teams to recognize what is being done well in addition to pointing out what needs improvement.
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